Saturday Surfing, Jan. 22, 2022!

welcome to the weekend!
Hello as well as pleased Saturday from me, my breakfast as well as Janet Jackson on the cover of “Allure.”

This is my preferred Janet Jackson song, by the way. Ami a tiéd?


Anywho…I’ve had the magazine sitting on my desk for a few days; I’ve been saving it to checked out on Saturday morning with my breakfast. since reading a magazine on the weekend feels that much much more special for some reason! (Maybe since I can unwind as well as savor the experience.) It’s one of my preferred things.

Another of my preferred things? My Nespresso machine!

It’s essentially like a elegant Keurig. I got one for Christmas from El Hub. You purchase the coffee pod cups, which are available in different flavors as well as intensities, then insert the cup into the machine, as well as the device just does its thang. It makes delicious, tasty coffee! I mean, it’s a few of the very best coffee I’ve ever had from anyplace on earth. Also, the cups are made of aluminum as well as recyclable, so you can decrease them into a recycling bag when you’re done, as well as take them to a regional recycling spot.


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

Officially obsessed
No joke, however I will speak with anybody as well as everybody about the glory of a cup of Nespresso coffee… It’s so creamy as well as full of layers of rich flavor! AH! I don’t understand if I’ve just been drinking awful drip coffee for as well numerous years or if Nespresso is truly all that as well as a bag of chips, however I get up in the morning salivating at the believed of that very first csésze.

Ez a hét olvasása

“I couldn’t stop purchasing perfume samples to make sure I didn’t have Covid.”

Just in situation you ever wondered what a perfume named “Burning Bridges” smells like…

Does rosemary tea grow your hair?

IGK has a new line of at-home hair dye.

This artist produced a portrait of Betty White (RIP, queen) with lipstick as her medium of choice.

Ah, Byredo. always doing weird, awesome stuff.

Also understood as “The Mothership”

Igen, kérem.

I hope there’s bread as well as cafe au lait involved.

Someone make this for me ASAP.


Messy bun 101

Build that muscle.

Igen igen.

I can’t wait to view this.

In situation you’ve ever wondered…

Are they truly at the DMV?

It’s sunny right here in my neck of the woods today, so I’m going to opt for a walk as well as listen to a podcast.


How’s it going on your end? got anything fun lined up for the weekend?

A barátságos közösségi bájfüggő,


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