Birthday Haul ft Charlotte Tilbury and Shu Uemura

You didn’t think I wouldn’t take advantage of my birthday as an excuse to get makeup, right? I’ve been busy the past couple of weeks:

I haven’t gone back to the Charlotte Tilbury counter considering that my last birthday, so I mean it’s an annual tradition?

First though, my friend gave me these:

• Body shop Italian summer Fig shower Gel
• Body shop limited edition Blueberry shower Gel
• flower appeal Nail’d It nail Lacquer in Cosmopolitan
It was so sweet of her to get me these – the blueberry shower gel smells amazing, and I never got a chance to try any of the Flower Beauty stuff. I heard they’re being pulled from Walmart in Canada now!

And now for the birthday haulage. I had some gift cards that I used toward these. first up, from Holt Renfrew, the Charlotte Tilbury loot:

• luxury palette in The Sophisticate
• Bronzer Brush
• Powder & Sculpt Brush
• Eye Blender Brush
I’ve been wanting to get an eye shadow quad from CT considering that last year but held off until now. I know the Dolce Vita palette is popular but the one shimmery shade was too chunky for my taste. this one is an all matte palette – ecstatic to try it!  And I wanted to get some of her brushes considering that I read raves on them, especially the Powder & Sculpt one. I’m planning on phasing out some of my lower quality brushes that I don’t use much anymore.

Next up, I went to Sephora to collect my birthday gift:

• Sephora birthday gift Marc Jacobs (Highliner Gel Eye Crayon eyeliner in Blacquer and Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)
• make up For ever Aqua XL Eye Pencil waterproof eyeliner in S-50 Satiny Taupe
• Marc Jacobs The Bronze – Bronzer brush No. 12
The Marc Jacobs birthday gifts are really nice! I’ll be giving the eyeliner to a friend considering that I don’t wear black eye liners. I made a decision to give the new MUFE eye liner one a try considering that I purged a bunch of my liners. I am currently using the old MUFE Aqua liner in 24L Light Taupe which I love for my lower lash line. In the new range, the closest taupe shade is this one but it has shimmer so I’ll see. and the Marc Jacobs brush was a moment of weakness – I’ve had this brush on my wishlist for ages and I made a decision I wanted a large fluffy bronzer brush for the summer!

At Hudson’s Bay, I hit up the Shu Uemura counter:

• Eye Primer
• point Cealer (concealer)
• drawing Pencil (eye liner) in M Dark Brown 83
• hard formula brow pencil in seal brown 02
• Blushing beige Eye shadow Palette
The eye primer was somewhat of a need considering that my current one from Prestige is separating in the tube (and now I remember I got an eye primer from Japan, doh) – it was just launching when I went to the counter. I don’t know what possessed me to get yet another concealer. On the day I checked out the counter, I was wearing the too faced concealer.  It was after work and I saw in the mirror at the counter just how much it had faded. Honestly, I generally went to the counter for the brow pencil and the eyeliner… but I positively lost my mind over this eye shadow palette:

It’s limited edition and it is glorious!

Those were the splurges, then I got random stuff from various places:

• Burt’s Bees lipsticks in Sunset cruise 523 and Lily Lake 530
I’ve been wanting to try these for ages! I was so ecstatic to see them on sale.

• CoverGirl TruNaked Eye shadow Palettes in Nudes and Goldens
• CoverGirl TruBlend blush in medium Rose
I showed the palettes on IG when they went on sale for $9.99 – how could I possibly pass them up? You know I love the Roses version and vowed to get the other 2 colours… what better time than for my birthday? and I’ve read good reviews online about the blush and it looks like a more affordable alternative to MAC Mineralize Blushes.

• Manó. Cosmetics blush Palettes in Light and Dark
I’ve been living under a rock and did not know that Old Navy now carries e.l.f. Cosmetics in their stores? I’ve wanted these considering that I first saw them on IG. and the only place I know these are sold is online – really pleased to have gotten both palettes!

And then, after I heard that flower appeal was on clearance from Walmart, I stopped in to have a look. nearly everything was gone but I identified this neat blush:

• Flower appeal transforming Touch Powder-to-Crème blush in Tickled Pink
Powder to crème blush? I’ve never heard of that! It has really good reviews online so I’m hoping I”ll like it too.

And… the rest are nail polishes!

• Smith & Cult nail polish in Gay Ponies dancing in the Snow
• Teeez Chain of stones nail Lacquer in fantastic Amethyst
Oh Em Gee, the Smith & Cult nail polish! I finally got my hands on it! The shade name slays me every time. The Teeez one was only a matter of time considering that I really took pleasure in the Melted Copper one… I had to get this colour before it disappeared when they launch their new seasonal collection.

• Revlon 934 Untamed
• Revlon 150 Desirable
• Revlon 165 Romantique
• Maybelline color show better in Buff 031
The Revlons were 50% off and I couldn’t refuse! ever considering that I tried the few that I had hauled online, I’ve been wanting to get a lot more Revlons. The Maybelline was on clearance for $2 and this sought to be a possible mannequin hand type of shade.

• Essie Gel Couture in Pinned up and top coat
I’ve been itching to get my hands on these. They retail for $14.99 each here and when I saw them on sale for $10.99, I jumped on them. I’m currently test wearing them for 2 weeks to see how to fare. maradjon velünk!

I actually went to my much-loved downtown appeal supply store first to find the Essie Gel Coutures but they weren’t available there yet. But, they had regular Essies for $2.99 in the clearance bin so I went to town!

• Essies Macks
• Essies shall We Chalet
• Essies Haute Tub

• Essies Exotic Liras
• Essies Delhi Dance
• Essies miss fancy Pants
• Essies Apres-Chic

• Sinful colors Sinful shine Karamel
• Sinful colors Sinful shine Slay Grey
• Sinful colors Sinful shine Prosecco
• Mineral fusion nail polish in Nickle & Dime
The first 2 Sinful colors are from the “King Kylie” (Jenner) collection. but the most exciting of all is Prosecco. I’ve had this shade on my wish list considering that learning about it as part of a limited edition release in 2014. and I found it at a side walk sale for $2! The Mineral fusion is a brand that I saw pointed out ages ago on chic & polished (ahem, update your blog, girl) and when I identified it on sale at whole Foods while getting coffee, I grabbed one.

Speaking of sidewalk sales… I “stumbled” across another side walk sale with SpaRitual and OPI polishes for $3 again! What am I meant to do? elsétál? I got SpaRituals in:

• Improvisation
• Intuition
• Imagination
All 3 are from the Illuminate collection which have sensational blue / fuchsia shimmer flecks suspended in sheer jelly bases. Hmmmmg!

• OPI My twin Mimmy (Hello Kitty collection)
• OPI mystery colour – ugh I nearly didn’t pick this up because it was unlabeled but it’s so pretty for summer. and only $3!

Geez, that’s another boatload of nail polishes! I vow I’m going to stop getting nail polishes for a while. At least until October! and um, I’m not counting any of my birthday haulage toward my Low-Buy, so there. I’m back on the No-Buy till October now. have you tried any of the items I got?

Ps. I didn’t get to the MAC store on the weekend to do my Back to MAC – it’ll likely be next week! Thanks for all your input. I’ll be sure to post what I do end up with.

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