Sephora beauty Insider Collectible Pin set

Throughout the entire history of “Karen going to Sephora,” which is a long history, I’ve never gotten as excited about a Sephora beauty Insider points exchange as I got for this Collectible Pin Set.

How adorable is this!? It’s sooo cute, right? I had to (“had to,” air quotes) go to Sephora last week… Was it last week? Yeah, it was just before I got sick.


Anywho… I had to pick up one more bottle of Kate Somerville Anti Bac Clearing lotion since I was down to the last drop, as well as without it my deal with totally breaks out. So, I ran to Sephora, grabbed it, grabbed an $8 lipstick as well (we’ll talk about that in a second), as well as when I was at the front counter, I saw this adorable bit set of four enamel pins.

I couldn’t state no.
When the sales partner asked me if I wished to redeem any type of points, I didn’t utilize my basic answer, which is almost always “no” since I’m barely ever truly moved by any type of of the chintzy samples they provide away for like 500 points, however I saw these pins as well as was like, “YES, GIRL. HOOK A feline woman UP.”

OK, there are four pins… There’s a peace indication with painted nails. That one’s extremely sassy.


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

Nail art lives!
There’s this unicorn, whom I’ve named “Treasure.”

Say hi to Treasure.
This trio of adorable bit hearts…

Hearts are my thing, man.

And this adorable eyeshadow combination with a clean as well as what appears like bit whiskers (?) on the sides.

Smoky eye ’til I die
Annyira imádnivaló!

I haven’t decided where I’m going to put these yet. perhaps a makeup bag or a jacket. Nem tom. De szeretem! It’s 250 points, so if you’ve got points stacking up… I’m just sayin’. It’s likewise online, too.

The bit mini haul I did:

Anti Bac Clearing Lotion. tetszik! I’ve talked about it at length so many times, however if you wanna ask me about it in the comments, I’m happy to get into detail. Essentially, it’s an acne treatment with benzoyl peroxide.

I utilize this Kate Somerville product every day.
The lipstick I chosen up is this from a new Sephora Collection called #LipStories (gotta do the hashtag indication with your fingers when you state it out loud). It’s a huge line of lipsticks in truly adorable paper packaging, each with its own unique photo on the cap that evokes the color inside. There are three completes — cream, metallic as well as matte.

Spring break for $8
I chosen up a cream called spring Break. It’s a deep rosy “my lips however better” pink, as well as I was drawn to it since of the beach scene on the cap… There’s a a teal blue ocean, people chillin’ on the beach, however I likewise like the color. I haven’t had a possibility to wear it yet, however I’ve been sick, as well as I haven’t been using lip products since what’s the point? I gotta strike my nose every two seconds (and that’s what I’m gonna do once again when I get off this keyboard).

But as soon as I feel as much as it, I’ll provide this a appropriate road test as well as let you know. Oh, as well as the very best thing about this line? — the lipsticks are only $8 each.


Now, when have you ever been able to roll as much as Sephora as well as walk out with an $8 lipstick?

Your friendly community beauty addict,


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