Saturday Surfing: November 4th, 2017

I’m searching for new glasses, dude.
I went to Costco a few days back to purchase a few much more boxes of my get in touch with lenses, because, in true to Karen fashion, my prescription was about to expire, since I left it to the day before the expiration date to restock…

Anywho, because I was already in the optical department, I chose to try on some frames.


Lány! – when did all of the frames at Costco get elegant embellishments on the sides? Like, you’ve got the front part that reviews your eyes, as well as then you’ve got the — I don’t understand the technical word for them, however I want to phone call them arms. They’re the part that goes along the sides of your head as well as behind your ears. The last time I purchased a pair of glasses was a looong time back (coming up on 10 years), as well as I don’t recall that bit area being such a prominent place for decorative accouterments.

It seemed like every pair I saw at Costco had at least some kind of brand logo on the side, or strange gems, or a pattern or crazy color.

Am I alone in wanting a pair of glasses that aren’t as well fussy? I mean, I get the appeal of glasses being fashion jewelry for your face, however I like mine on the easy side. I dunno… I don’t want them to contend with my makeup.


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

I utilize my glasses for distance — driving, viewing films at the theater, that type of thing. I don’t requirement them for reading (yet).

Speaking of reading, right here are a few of the stories that caught my eye this week.

Since we’re on the subject of glasses, this one’s for all my Canadian peeps: apparently, BonLook is the new Canadian Warby Parker.

Five makeup looks for women as well as gents with hooded lids or monolids to try.

Ever because I checked out these words by journalist Lizzie O’Leary about the harassment she experienced during her career, I’ve been believing (even much more than usual) about the things Connor Claire may experience when she enters the working world: “Over the program of my career, I have shrugged off things that horrify me now. I discovered to push with the routine humiliation. As an ambitious woman, I commonly ran an interior calculation about exactly how much ‘trouble’ I was prepared to make. ought to I fight about the story I want to do or the unwelcome remark about my legs?”

Meet five women currently running for specify as well as national seats across the country.

Is Target trying to ended up being the Sephora of drugstore beauty?

Speaking of Sephora, right here are 9 insider hacks from former Sephora employees.

Estée Lauder shares just recently hit a record high.

Benefit is recalling this bestselling brow product.

What’s it like to do IPL? (And what is IPL?) My good friend Jane tells all about it.

6 deal with masks for oily as well as acne-prone skin

I want to inspect out much more frames this weekend. I understand there’s a Len’s Crafters at the mall, so I may swing by to see if there’s anything cute.

I’ve thought about utilizing a service like Warby Parker, however I likewise like the concept of getting them from someplace regional where it’s simple to get them changed if there’s an issue, ya know?

If you wear glasses, where do you typically get them? Are you pleased with the ones you have now? Érdeklődési gondolatok akarják tudni.


Have an outstanding weekend, my fantastic friend.

A barátságos közösségi bájfüggő,


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