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I was giddy with excitement as I revisited the H&M appeal department – this time with the intent to BUY! My very first check out was shortly after the launch as well as I was filled with longing for all the loveliness, however left me empty-handed as well as empty-hearted… however now I am FULL… of makeup!

I had mentioned last year that one of the brands I wanted to try was H&M Beauty, as well as now I’ve fulfilled a lifelong wish (too dramatic? )

H&M overhauled their entire appeal line last Fall, expanding the offering as well as bringing a much a lot more cohesive as well as sleek aesthetic to the collection (I do have to say though, I did like some of H&M’s old nail polishes as well as makeup brushes).  I think they’ve done a wonderful job! right here are some photos of the store displays as well as details of what I got:

I was all set to get the Smoky essentials eye palette however then I inspected the fine print a little better on the palette as well as noticed that it was made in China.  The High effect Eye color single eye shadows, however, were made in Italy. Hmm! as well as there were lots of colours to select from.

After swatching so lots of colours my hands looked bruised, I lastly selected these 3 shades: down to earth (deep grey taupe), Cocoa Mauve (matte mauve brown), as well as Shiitake (light shimmery tan) They’re $8 for 2g.

And I was psyched to grab a whole whack of blushes but… I was  little disappointed at the selection. There were some pretty looking colours, to be sure, however nothing jumped out at me. A great deal of bloggers reviewed the shade “Apricot” as well as it was very powdery as well as disappeared into my skin.

The only colour that caught my eye was this warm nudey bronze shade called Deep brown (not really that deep, as well as not that brown). $13 for 5g, made in Italy.

But the best part of the H&M appeal collection for me was the wall of nail polishes!  They’re not precisely inexpensive at $7 for only 8ml however I was suckered by  the colour selection as well as bottle design.

I lastly narrowed down to 4 colours (even though I originally had a lots in my hands!): precious (golden opal), Cashmere (smoky mauve with silver shimmer), rock Oyster (greige pearl), as well as rose Umber (dusty mauve pink). The polishes are made in Sweden!

I did a bit of research on what were considered the best items of the H&M appeal line as well as came across this post by allure which listed their top 15 picks.  That’s exactly how I learned about the perfume in Cashmere Haze. I’ve been wanting a cozy type of scent akin to Donna Karan’s Cashmere mist as well as instead of paying $70 for a bottle of that, I decided to try this $13 one (55ml). Its notes are lily of the valley, jasmine, sandalwood – it’s not precisely DK Cashmere Mist, however it’s a great soft scent.  This Eau de toilette is made in Turkey.

Lastly I bought this textured makeup case. I was really drawn to this style for some reason – it looks so useful with the detachable mesh interior case. I’m thinking it might be handy for my trip. (Actually, lastly is the Precision makeup Sponge which I forgot to photograph, it’s H&M’s version of the appeal Blender sponge, except it is white).

I eyed the makeup brushes however wasn’t really wow’d by any type of to pick them up (lots of duo ended brushes, ugh) – they were a bit overpriced for what they were too, nothing was less than $10. I likewise wasn’t especially interested in any type of of the lip or face products during this visit. Have you tried any type of of the new (well, new to me anyway) H&M appeal products? Bármilyen ajánlás?

Ps. I’ll essentially be posting hauls for the rest of January… I hope you don’t mind, it’s been a blur of shopping this month so far.

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