Urban Decay All Nighter water resistant Full-Coverage Concealer: offered now in the UD long-term Line

get prepared to go matte all night (or, in my case, all day!) long with metropolitan Decay’s new All Nighter water resistant Full-Coverage Concealer.
Don’t go chasing waterfalls… That’s what I’m telling you, however if you’re going to do it anyway (despite TLC’s several warnings!), understand that you can stand beneath one using metropolitan Decay’s new concealer, as well as your makeup would emerge totally intact.

It’s water resistant to the extreme, so keep your fave oil-based makeup cleaner handy, since you’ll requirement it to take this concealer off your face.


14 shades, $29 each, very waterproof!
Extremely matte, very waterproof

A new addition to the UD long-term fam, All Nighter is a long-wearing, high-coverage liquid concealer offered in 14 shades ($29 each).

They have a… I want to phone call it an ultra-matte finish, since they’re SO matte that they don’t show any type of light whatsoever on the skin, which makes them much easier for me, as a lady in my 40s, to wear on my cheeks, nose, mouth, chin as well as forehead, however not so simple to wear under my eyes.

For some reason, matte concealers, particularly the flat mattes like these, age me. I dunno, however I vow they make my fine lines look a lot more evident (whereas dewy/reflective concealers like comprise For Ever’s HD as well as MAC Matchmaster make my under-eye area look plumper as well as a lot more youthful).


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

I’m using a mix of medium Light warm as well as medium Dark warm under my eyes in the after pic. On the rest of my face, I’m using medium Dark warm as a foundation — no powder. just the concealer.
Awesome for anywhere except under my eyes

If you’re 30+, I wouldn’t suggest All Nighter as an under-eye concealer, however it’s manager for whatever else on your deal with since it covers up whatever (it’s likewise method a lot more pigmented than UD’s naked Skin concealer).

It hides freckles, discoloration, redness… All Nighter handles it all, as well as it’ll do everything night long, even if you choose an unscripted swim at midnight (it happens). It’s water resistant as well as long lasting.

Also in the new metropolitan Decay All Nighter line…

Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting Spray

Urban Decay All Nighter liquid foundation

Feels like NARS Pure Radiant

The structure is similar to NARS Pure Radiant Concealer. It has that exact same creamy, moving fluffiness, so it’s incredibly simple to blend.

I like to utilize my fingers to apply it since I believe it’s much easier to manage that method as well as sticks much better to the skin.

Fair Warm, fair Neutral, Light Warm, Light Neutral, medium Light Neutral, medium Light Warm, medium Neutral as well as medium Dark Warm
Works in location of foundation

You can pair this with metropolitan Decay’s All Nighter Foundation, however I believe you can likewise quickly get away with utilizing the concealer on its own to even out your skin tone. I utilize just a few drops — seriously, it’s so concentrated that you won’t requirement a lot more than three or four little dots for a little area, like a cheek or around your mouth — blend it with my fingers (work swiftly since it dries fast!), as well as I normally avoid powder, since I don’t believe it needs it. This covers quite much whatever on its own.

Dark Golden, Dark Neutral, Dark Warm, Deep Neutral as well as additional Deep Neutral (not visualized — medium Dark Neutral)
Who’s it for?

I believe this would be excellent for somebody trying to find a long-wearing, flat matte surface concealer to wear anywhere on their deal with except underneath their eyes.

I mean…you can wear it under your eyes, however I’d suggest cutting it with a decrease or two of deal with oil to take down the matte-ness a bit if you do.

I likewise such as this if you online anyplace with weather condition extremes, like someplace hot as well as damp like Hawaii, or someplace that gets great deals of snow or rain. Or, if you just want incredibly polished skin with a matte finish…this might work for you, too.


It’s offered now in the long-term line at Ulta, Sephora as well as the UD website.

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