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So…what is the Monday Poll?

Jó kérdés! Nem, a nevével ellentétben egy tényleges szavazás. Ez csak öt vagy kevesebb véletlenszerű aggodalomra ad okot, amit minden hétfőn hétfőn közzétettem a múltbeli Gazillion években (több mint 10!). I like reading your answers, as well as it assists me get my week off to a fantastic start.

1. What was your preferred year in school, as well as what was special about it?

I mean, it’s gonna noise so cliché, however senior year in high institution truly was great.

OK, I didn’t drive, however all of my buddies did, so I never had to take the institution bus, which, in our district, was a lawless land. So, driving around with my buddies at lunch was a great deal of fun.


Plus, that year there was the anticipation of what the future held, however not understanding yet where my future was going to lead me, as well as I believe that seeing all of that possibility, you know, when you’re young, makes the future seem so wondrous.

Academically, it was hard, however I believe there was really less pressure than the very first three years of high school, since I’d gotten quite great grades with that point, so I wasn’t as well anxious about getting into at least one főiskola.

I was likewise lucky to have truly great girlfriends, and, like, I kinda understood my location in the world, if that makes any type of sense.


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That was likewise truly the last year I felt totally consistent as well as sure…because ideal after that genuine life occurred as well as all hell broke loose!

2. Can you fake any type of accents?

Man, my grumpy Filipino old woman accent is on POINT.

(Maybe that’s since I am a grumpy old Filipino lady, ha ha ha! I acknowledge that.)

I can likewise do a horrible wannabe bougie English accent, like “Ellow! may I offuh ew a coppa tea?”

Wait a second, that sounded a lot more Austin Powers.

3. exactly how do you like your popcorn?

I have a patented Karen technique for motion picture popcorn. I do what I like to phone call a Kettlecorn Sandwich, where you do one layer of routine popcorn (no butter), then a thin layer of Kettlecorn in the center, as well as then a layer of routine popcorn on top. then I add as much salt as I can get away with before El Hub catches me.

4. A recent suddenly fantastic makeup, skin care or appeal find?

Burt’s Bees infant Lotion. I got it for Connor originally, however I utilized it one night since I was getting hives… It’s just that time of year when my skin has allergic reactions to what I’m presuming are dead as well as dying leaves as well as stuff… I don’t know. It just always occurs in the fall.

Anyway, the lotion’s great. It’s extremely moisturizing, affordable, absorbent, as well as it smells juuust sufficient like infants (powdery).

5. Costco?

otherwise understood as “the happiest location on earth.” I’ll go if you’re driving, ’cause I am a savage in that car parking lot.

By the way, if you’re going, get a box of Sabatasso’s Gluten-Free Cheese Pizzas (in the frozen section). The cheese tastes totally fresh, as well as I would never have believed that the crust would really be so great as it is since it’s gluten-free, however it’s DELICIOUS! Flavorful as well as salty, as well as delightfully chewy. YUM! finest frozen pizza available now, IMO.

The world wouldn’t be itself without you

To partially quote Ace of Base, I saw the sign! Well, I saw a indication at Starbucks yesterday that stated “The world wouldn’t be itself without you,” as well as I couldn’t assist however question who the great person was who took the time out to draw it as well as put it on the neighborhood board. Whoever you are, thanks. You made a complete stranger smile.

Side note: my drink of option at the moment is still a Venti enthusiasm Iced Tea, no sweetener with a sprinkle of coconut milk… It’s a less sugary version of their Pink drink as well as it’s YUM.

What’s your drink of option on this gorgeous Monday?

A barátságos közösségi fellebbezési addtus,



P.S. aggodalomra ad okot! Itt vannak másolni / beilleszteni a válaszokat egy megjegyzésben. hamarosan beszélünk.

1. What was your preferred year in school, as well as what was special about it?
2. Can you fake any type of accents?
3. exactly how do you like your popcorn?
4. A recent unforeseen makeup, skin care or appeal find?
5. Costco?

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