Saturday Surfing: August 19th, 2017

Tom Ford…you are making me hongray!
Have you ever observed exactly how eerily similar brown cream shadow as well as chocolate pudding are? Or dulce de leche?

Mind you, I just completed vacuuming the house, which was rather a workout, as well as I’m freaking hungry, so perhaps I must eat something as well as then reevaluate, LOL!


By the way, this shadow is Tom Ford Spice, a overall lazy woman staple. a lot of of the time I just pat it on my lids with my fingers as well as blend out the edges without even bothering to utilize a separate primer, which quite much throws precision out the window, however when I’m going for easy, I’m going ALL. A. ÚT. So as long as my shadow looks even-ish, I’m happy.

OK, I much better go make something to eat now since this pan is truly starting to look dangerously like food… While I go plunder the fridge, right here are some stories that caught my eye this week.

For some new mommies in Taiwan, the postpartum period is like a high-end holiday at a five-star hotel, or, in this case, a “postpartum center” — extravagant pregnancy facilities where personnel members pamper mommy as well as infant for a month (for a awesome $430 a night!).

BUYER BEWARE! The appeal black market is rife with counterfeit products, a few of which are actually dangerous. brands like MAC as well as Anastasia Beverly Hills — which are counterfeited left as well as right! — have gone as far as conducting their own investigations as well as have discovered fakes consisting of extremely toxic chemicals like lead, arsenic as well as mercury.

I understood I should’ve saved my preferred pair of high-waisted pants from high school! Z Cavaricci is making a comeback.

Top drugstore foundations that are just as great as (if not much better than) their a lot more costly counterparts

Allure magazine will no longer be utilizing the term “anti-aging” in text, as well as all I have to state is HELL, YES.

Prepare yourself for your everyday dose of “awww,” since these senior citizens just recently connected the knot. She’s 98, he’s 94, as well as they satisfied at the gym. DO YOUR SQUATS, people, since it just may cause true love.

Ulta has a adorable NARS special set of velvet Lip Glides.

I’m getting prepared to save all y’all! Why Gen X may be our last, finest hope.

Obsessively focusing on “clean eating” can cause a huge mess in your body.

How to discover the ideal dry shampoo

Hilarious, as well as creepy, things occur when tragic as well as charming titles of ’70s as well as ’80s tunes get transformed into Stephen King book covers.

Is that fern eavesdropping on your conversations? Scientists discover that plants may truly as well as genuinely be capable of listening.

How hand-carved Russian candles are made… This is so cool!


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

Grease’s “You’re the One That I Want” gets an R&B makeover

OK, infant cakes, it’s Caturday, an (un)official day of rest. may your workload be light as well as your smile be bright.

A poet, I am not, however at least my booty’s hot, since I do my squats, while my hair’s in knots.


Alright I’ll stop, haha!

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