Blue Kitten Flicks, lessons From My Cat, as well as Chanel (Because It’s the right thing to Do)

Tabs: “Don’t you do it. Don’t cry.”

Me: *sniffs* “But what if this is our last picture shoot together?”


Tabs: “Then you should most likely wear Chanel. It’s the right thing to do.”

Me: “I’m truly trying not to cry but…”

Tabs: “No buts, lady. believe about all of the pics we’ve taken together over the years. exactly how many have there been? Thousands? Tízezrek? believe about exactly how lucky we’ve — no, exactly how lucky you’ve been to have me in all those pics, because, rather frankly, your poses are hella boring. You’re type of a hot mess…”


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Me: “Oh, man. I’m gonna miss you so much.”

Tabs: “Will you promise me something?”

Me: “Anything.”

Tabs: “Promise me you won’t let grief take in you. since I understand you. Értelek. as well as you can’t let that happen. Under any type of circumstances.”

Me: “I can’t assurance that, my love.”

Tabs: “You’re going to have to be brave. When I’m gone, you’re going to get out of bed in the morning, comb your fur, get out of your pajamas, as well as perhaps put on a bit makeup. Minden egyes nap. most importantly, I want you to smile.”

Me: “People will judge me for grieving as well much or as well little, for sharing as well much or as well little, for being weird…”

Tabs: “Kid, I believed you were tougher than that.”

Me: “Apparently, I’m not.”

Tabs: *sigh* “Look, here’s the deal: I’m leaving soon, as well as I’m sorry however that’s the reality. You’re going to have to keep going, as well as I want you to do it with like in your heart. If there’s anything I’ve taught you, I hope it’s that. radiate love, as well as send your joy out into the world.”

Me: “I’ll do my best…”

Tabs: “That’s all any type of of us can do. Now, will you smile for me? Let’s play some music, take photos as well as enjoy the day.”


Me: “That seems like a great idea.”

I believe this tune completely captures his spirit/cattitude, as well as it’s the one we listened to while we took these pics. now it will always remind me of him.

Makeup I’m using in these pics…

Chanel Les Beiges Water Fresh Tint in medium Plus

Wander beauty nude illusion liquid foundation in golden Tan

Chanel natural surface loose Powder in Translucent 3

bareMinerals endless summertime Bronzer in Warmth

bareMinerals endless glow Highlighter in Fierce

MAC Sheertone blush in Gingerly

Wander beauty Mile High Club Mascara

Chantecaille sellő szem matt a méhben

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Chaos

MAC Cicero full deal with set (blue eyeshadow)

Your friendly community beauty addict(s),

Karen as well as Tabs

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