Stash Dash: Nov 27 – Dec 3

It’s officially December now. Panic time! I’ve barely started purchasing provides so I have to get on that pronto.

Here’s what you may have missed last week if you had 30 tabs open on your browser while buying Cyber Monday deals:

Project pan 12: Cargo HD pressed Powder in #20

Just goes to show that utilizing a pressed powder for 3 months directly won’t make a dent!

Black Friday Haul 2016

That states it all.

Project pan Collab: the END

I’m lastly totally free of my makeup jail!

My December 2016 Goals

So numerous new things, so bit time! I ought to just take some getaway days off work as well as pretend to be a full-time blog writer for a week.


I am truly lured to get some stuff from the MAC 25% off sale. In my cart currently are:

• Matchmaster SPF15 foundation (I tried out some MAC foundation samples as well as this was my favourite)
• Eye shadow refills in naked Lunch, Antiqued, as well as Haux (the last 2 were on my Back to MAC desire list)
• Prep+Prim Eye Base
Plus I’ll utilize ebates so one more 3% off… I have up until today to decide… ugh.

And right here are the Blogmas messages from last year for Dec 2 – 4 to get you in the joyful spirit:

Blogmas Day 2: unsightly Christmas Sweaters

Blogmas Day 3: gift Ideas

Blogmas Day 4: Snow Themed Makeup

Are you getting into the joyful spirit yet? Or is it still as well early for you?

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Project pan 12 Collab: autumn 2016 EditionHappy labour Day!  Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend!  And welcome to one more collab with the Canuck gang! We are when again, trying to chip away at some charm products in our stash. this time around we are selecting 12 products to try to pan / empty. The length of this…
September 5, 2016In “Beauty”

Stash Dash: Nov 13 – 19It was good to have a somewhat slower speed on the blog this past week! I’ll be continuing with 2 or 3 messages a week up until the end of November. right here are the messages that when up last week, in situation you were as well preoccupied with viewing the very Moon:…
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Stash Dash: okt 30 – Nov 5it november! It’s officially: • American election Time (finally) • Movember (I ought to truly parlay the stock in stock matters into some Movember style thing…) • Christmas music Time (too soon) In situation you’ve been hectic preparing your immigration papers to find to Canada, here’s what you may have missed on the…
November 6, 2016 “szépség”

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