5 things I’ve Been Loving Lately

halfway with class as well as sweating like a mofo
1. working out at the fitness center in a class with real, online people!

DANG. I can’t believe I’m only realizing this now after exactly how numerous years roaming the earth, however working out at the fitness center with buddies in a class is much much more fun as well as SO much SWEATIER than working out alone in your bedroom in front of a screen. ISTENEM!

I’ve missed this workout whiteboard.
I understand all of us had to do what we had to do when the world hit the pause button (and ideally we don’t all have to hit the pause button once again soon), so I’ve been working out at home, as well as I only just recently felt comfortable sufficient going back to the fitness center right here in our area.


The HIIT class I utilized to take is now held outdoors, as well as I just just recently started going back once again twice a week.

Azta! — I feel like a totally different person. exercising with a group is so totally different than exercising alone. There are other people there to push you to keep up with them! It’s not as tiring as standing alone in my bedroom as well as kicking as well as punching into the air. Lol.

I didn’t recognize exactly how much I’ve missed being able to celebrate my body by pushing it to the limits. I’m not a major athlete or anything, however I’m so pleased to have that a person thing back in my life, which, reality be told, I took for given during pre-Covid times. It’s been glorious!


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The easy act of going to the fitness center to exercise with buddies as well as sweat together… I’m am so grateful for it.

2. Watermelon, finally

Finally, after what has seemed like eons, I’ve lastly gotten a couple of great watermelons lately.

We’ve been getting some quite unappetizing watermelons so far this season — mushy, tasteless as well as downright disgusting watermelons — however they’ve been getting much better lately!

Watermelon woes…
Fun fact: watermelon season runs from July with August in California, which is most likely why every watermelon I’ve purchased lately hasn’t been totally terrible. I’m speaking yellow spots, hella webbing, as well as a dark, boring eco-friendly color. Mmm… Ooh, as well as so heavy!


Room temperature watermelon? WHAT IS THAT NONSENSE? In our house, the only method to eat watermelon is cold, so I precut a lot into slices as well as keep them in the fridge.

3. Tomatoes from my friend’s garden

Speaking of the bounty of summertime fruit, oh-em-gee, my buddy Marisol provided me a whole mess of tomatoes from her garden, as well as I’ve been tomato-ing it up all week long for breakfast, lunch as well as vacsora.

Why do I even bother eating tomatoes the rest of the year? summertime tomatoes are where it’s at, man.

4. applying makeup on many days, as well as being awesome with easy looks

Makeup can be a blast, or it can be a chore, right? the very best thing for me best now is to just wear whatever I feel like as well as be awesome with easy looks. One shadow (or perhaps two) on the lid, eyeliner, as well as then whatever else ends up on my face. I’m pleased using a bit bit. note to self: not whatever has to be complicated!

Keeping it easy as well as fun
5. Taking Connor to swim class

Connor started taking swimming lessons! She’ll be going daily for the next month. last week was her very first week, as well as I’ve discovered numerous things to like about the whole situation.

First of all, she has such a great time in the water! After her very first class, she stated that she had so much fun as well as couldn’t wait to go back the next day. then she informed me that she was going to be a swimmer as well as a ballerina, as well as possibly even a swimming ballerina. LOL! Seeing her delight in herself so much truly makes me happy.

Second, is it just me, or is it good to hear the seems of youngsters having fun in a pool? It seems like summer.

Best of all, I’ve had some truly great conversations with mothers as well as caregivers there. The actual swimming lessons are 30 minutes long, so it’s long sufficient to get a good chat in with somebody, as well as that’s just been very pleasurable for me. It’s a pointer of exactly how much I’ve missed interacting with people… last week I was speaking to someone, as well as we were standing about an arm’s length away from each other as well as were both like, “Can you picture doing this tavaly? It would’ve seemed wild!”


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