Book reviews (and By Terry Lip Balm)

I’ve been in a reading mode lately thanks to a little-known (nowadays), fantastical place called “the library.”



So many books, so many stories to discover. Oh, and the smell of real, actual, honest-to-goodness old paper pages? Don’t mind me — I’m the person standing in the aisle with a book pressed up to her face inhaling and exhaling a little too enthusiastically. feel free to stare and get your freak fill for the day.

By Terry Baume de rose Lip care ($60)

Anyway…in order to ensure that this blog post is at least marginally related to makeup, here’s the bougie lip balm I’ve been putting on at night lately before I start reading: By Terry Baume de rose Lip Care. It’s rich, moisturizing and lightly rose scented (tastes a bit like roses too).

I like it just as much as the Nuxe Balm I’ve loved for years, but it’s shockingly expensive ($60!), so despite my fondness for it, I’ll be moving on when I finish the pot…unless I win the lottery , természetesen.


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

And if that happens, then BRING ON THE BOUGIE, BABY!

“An ultra-glamorous, multi-protective and nutri-plenishing SOS treatment for double use: lips and nails. Ultra-rich, it soothes the driest and most delicate areas. This precious balm is creamy, non-sticky, humectant and silky and features a delicate rose fragrance.”


4 5 szívből.

Now, onto the books…

Young Jane young by Gabrielle Zevin

This has been my favorite of this latest batch o’ reads. It’s about mothers and daughters and moving on and living with the consequences of our mistakes.

At the center is Aviva Grossman, a young, ambitious congressional intern who gets caught up in a scandal that forces her to make big changes in her life.

Each of the main characters in the story — Aviva’s mom Rachel, Aviva, Aviva’s daughter Ruby, and the partner of the congressman — each take turns as the narrator, so you get to see the events unfold from different perspectives, and each voice is so crystal clear that you feel like the characters are right there with you.

Cravings by Chrissy Teigan

Yes, I read cookbooks before bed…and yes, that’s ill advised when you’re hungry. and yes, this was written by the same Chrissy Teigan who’s also a sports Illustrated model, a mom to two babies, John Legend’s main squeeze, and the person who collaborated with BECCA to create one of my favorite palettes of all time.

She’s a big foodie, too. I haven’t made anything from the book yet, but I will. it all looks so good… If I had a 3D food printer (you know, if they existed), I’d make the scalloped potatoes, the Frito Pie bar, the basil chicken and the coconut rice for my lunch today.

(Also, if you can tear your eyes away from all the melted cheese, you might notice that Chrissy’s makeup is totally on point throughout the book.)

You Were made for This by Michelle Sacks

An easy beach read if you’re keen on suspense. The main characters, Merry and her spouse Sam, are new York transplants living in rural Sweden with their infant baby boy when Merry’s childhood best friend, Frank, comes to visit.

There are affairs and a murder, and early on you realize that *all* of the main characters are lying about things. It’s your job to figure out who’s telling the most truth.

The writing isn’t overly complicated, and the plot moves at a good clip. I got sucked in and read the whole thing in a day!

My absolute darling by Gabriel Tallent

I kinda want to tell you to read this…but I also want to warn you against reading it at the same time. Stephen King loved it, which is why I took a crack at it, but it’s heavy and brutal, and I most definitely will not be reading it again.

At the same time, I couldn’t stop turning the pages because I desperately wanted the main character, Turtle, a tough-as-nails 14-year-old girl, to survive her terrible life and her abusive sociopath father.


Even with the difficult subject matter, the book has stunning moments and vivid writing, especially in the descriptions of coastal California and the area around Mendocino, and in the poignant, funny scenes with her pals Jacob and Brett.

A barátságos környék szépségfüggő,


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