No-Buy 2015: My true 28 Days

considering that restarting on January 19th with my No-Buy 2015, today is my genuine 28 days of no shopping.  It has been good for the most part. It was at first tough to withstand all the normal clearance sales in January. I utilized to spend my lunch hour browsing with shops, so I had to modification exactly how I spend my complimentary time (mostly a great deal of window buying now). weekends were the most difficult. I normally inspect the drugstore flyers on Saturday mornings as well as then hit up a few stores for deals.  And I would go to Winners (Canadian version of TJMaxx) or Marshalls at least when a week to see what new things they got in.  I still go to Winners to inspect out what they have about when a week (it’s on my way house from work) however thankfully for me, January as well as February have been a dry spell there in terms of cosmetics stock.  I’m quite shocked that I’ve gotten absolutely nothing from Winners in 2015.

I did purchase a few items of relevance during this time:

1) This Quo Mineral eye shadow combination in downtown Brown, but for my sister!

I published this on my Instagram – comply with me @stashmatters

I already own this combination as well as when my sibling asked me what was a great high quality everyday eye shadow combination from the drugstore, this was my instant recommendation. The colours are all fantastic, as well as the pigmentation as well as staying powder rival that of department store brands. I likewise like that this combination can produce a full eye look. The packaging is top notch – it’s rather similar to that of the hourglass Visionaire Eye shadow Duo, however this only costs $20 as well as you get 4 eye shadows plus a powder liner.

2) This LeSportsac carry bag on ebay:

I have been wanting this bag for at least the last 10 years – no exaggeration.  I utilized to gather LeSportsac bags (I’ll most likely dedicate a publish to them!) as well as this print was always the one that got away from me.  It’s a print of a fair Isle knitted pattern released in 2002 – as well as considering that I’m a knitter – I wished to utilize this to bring my knitting projects.  It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a LeSportsac however I had put an alert on ebay years back to encourage me if this print came up for auction.  Stars as well as moons aligned as well as this carry bag is now mine!

3) Replacement HG under eye concealer (plus 1 sneak):

I ran out of my Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles treatment Concealer in #130 medium back in December.  I didn’t promptly replace it since I wished to utilize up a few of the other concealers in my stash… however nothing else covered my under eye circles as well.  I realized that I just couldn’t online without it! as well as it was BOGO 50% off at the drugstore so I likewise chosen up the new Maybelline deal with studio Master Conceal in #30 Light/Medium to test out (based on the rave evaluation by prolific blogger, Bree).

A genuine temptation for me was the statement of Black Friday-like liquidation sales at Target starting on February 5th.  My mantra for that day: “I will not go to Target to inspect out the sales.  I will NOT go to Target to inspect out the sales.  I will NOT go to TARGET TO inspect OUT THE SALES!” My good friend went to inspect it out as well as reported that the makeup was only 10% off.  Phew.  I’ve been able to prevent going to Target since.

And of course, I’m filling my complimentary time with blogging now, which I’m rather enjoying.  Granted, I will state that the weather condition has been pretty crappy right here lately (it was -25°C yesterday – bloody cold!) so it has been much easier to stay house as well as hibernate – my hope is that by the time nicer weather condition rolls around, I won’t be as lured to walk around as well as shop!

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