Mist Me, Please, With the TOCCA Hair fragrance Collection

I can envision seeing these bottles laid out on a vanity in Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, all nestled amongst the feathers as well as powders as well as potions as well as other opulent things…

Every time I spray one of these TOCCA Capelli Profumatis fragrances, likewise understood as the scents in the TOCCA Hair fragrance Collection, which is offered now solely at Anthropologie, into my hair, I can’t stop sniffing my strands!


I’m an unapologetic TOCCA incredibly fan, as well as these hair mists are just as charming as well as fresh as the other fragrances I like in the line.

You mist them on your hair for scent, obvs, however they’re likewise meant to moisturize as well as add a subtle shine, too, which comes courtesy of coconut oil.

There are five $36 scents in the collection, all of which are influenced by fragrances in the TOCCA line, however they aren’t precise replicas, as TOCCA pulls on some of the notes to bring them to the forefront.


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I believe these versions odor a bit lighter as well as a bit fresher than the original TOCCA fragrances on which they’re based.

I can’t get sufficient of three of the five. Those are Liliana, which has notes of peach muguet; Collette (which is my FAVORITE, favorite, ahh!), which has notes of vanillla as well as sandalwood; as well as Stella, which has notes of Italian blood orange (which is different, ya know, than California blood orange…).

There’s likewise Cleopatra (grapefruit as well as cucumber) as well as Florence (bergamot as well as gardenia), however I haven’t smelled those two yet. I’m hoping as well as guessing they’re likewise lovely.

Official fragrance notes

Florence: an alluring combination of bergamot, crushed violet petals as well as blond wood (floral)

Cleopatra: rich amber patchouli blends royally with vanilla musk as well as hints of tuberose as well as grapefruit (spice)

Colette: a rich mix of bergamot, citrus, juniper as well as pink peppercorn mingle with florals, musk as well as woods (fresh)

Liliana: neroli, gardenia as well as faint peach (fresh)

Stella: a flirtatious combination of sheer musk, white freesia, blood orange as well as spicy lily (fresh)

— anthropologie.com

I bet these would make excellent gifts for a girlfriend’s birthday or… Oh, I gotta keep in mind this! — for Mother’s Day next year. Or perhaps this Christmas, however I’m not always sure about providing perfumes as a present since they’re so personal, as well as since an entire bottle of perfume seems like such a significant commitment on the receiver’s end, ya know?

But a hair scent, I dunno… For some reason, that seems a lot more like an accessory. Plus, TOCCA’s scents have been quite generally pleasing, in my experience. I’ve never run into a woman who doesn’t like TOCCA.

Várjunk csak. I requirement a mist of Stella in my hair…

AHH! as well good. now I’ll be able to get hold of a chunk of my ponytail as well as odor it throughout the day since these scents linger, however they aren’t overpowering, not like I’m sitting at my computer as well as just smelling congeries of scent in my hair.

One last thought: if you’re on the prowl (dating) ideal now, I believe these would be best for date night.


Picture your date leaning in as well as getting a whiff before that very first kiss… ‘Tis the stuff of romance novels ideal there!

Your friendly community appeal addict,


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