The Lune + Aster Midnight sun Eyeshadow Palette: Bobbi as well as Trish Fans, You’re Gonna like This

Bobbi and/or Trish fans, you’re gonna like this!
Time: the fantastic equalizer. a lot more valuable than small tabbies, Tom Ford, platinum as well as diamonds. I went to high tea a few weeks back with my college crew, as well as we got to speaking about time as well as exactly how it seems like there’s less as well as less of it every year. Life, love, school, work, hobbies, youngsters as well as cats (of course!) happen, as well as then all of a unexpected you recognize exactly how bit time you have left for yourself at the end of the day.

Time is valuable as well as valuable, as well as saving a lot more of it is the name of the game for this awesome bit brand called Lune + Aster. It’s a vegan, paraben-free makeup line solely offered at Bluemercury stores, as well as it was started by CEO Marla Beck in 2016. whatever in the line is focused on getting you made up as well as out the door in five minutes or less.


It’s not a big line, however they do have a variety of products, including a CC cream, an eyeshadow palette, a few cheek palettes, bronzers, brushes as well as lip glosses in costs from $18 (for a gloss) to $56 for the eyeshadow combination I’m using right here called Midnight Sun.

Midnight sun swatch-a-rooni

I believe it’s lovely, particularly if you don’t want to do a great deal of blending. I utilize it to softly define, shape as well as line my lids as well as lash lines for daily looks, as well as let me tell you… it is SO NOT STRESSFUL.

Midnight sun on my lids…
The shadows autumn into that sheer-to-medium pigment category. I developed them up in these swatches to provide an concept of the colors, which are on the neutral side as well as not as well warm-toned or cool. They’re extremely Bobbi Brown-esque, both in terms of color as well as performance.


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

When I apply them with my eye brushes, the edges sheer out quickly, so it’s simple to shift the colors into each other. This would be a fantastic combination for novices or straight-up lazy gals, LOL!

Hey, no pity in that game. I’m lazy too.

No, seriously, I can do my eyeshadow from begin to finish, including primer (I normally utilize the one in the white tube by NARS), with these shadows in like two minutes.

That’s Lune + Aster artist gloss on my lips.
The finely milled powder feels light, nearly fluffy as well as fab. The fluffiness, of course, indicates that flecks o’ shadow do get around, however as long as I keep in mind to tap off my clean first, the after effects isn’t a huge deal. Overall, the shadows stay put quite much all the time long.

Ó! — I can’t believe I failed to remember to mention this earlier, however the very best thing about this eye combination is the total as well as overall lack of drama with it as well as my fine lines. The grains totally stay out of those nooks as well as crannies, and…I feel like I look younger when I wear this palette. like a wee, fresh-faced lass in her late-20s (or thereabouts), prepared to handle the world.


At $56, it’s not inexpensive, for sure, however if you want simple, sophisticated eye makeup that doesn’t demand much of your time as well as effort, I believe you’ll like it. Bobbi as well as Trish fans, especially.

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