MAC Unsung Heroes: 221 mini Tapered Blending clean

The MAC 221 mini Tapered Blending clean ($25)
If you spend much time with MAC-a-holics, the subject of convo routinely turns to 217s as well as 224s, as well as you know, I get it. I do. Both are great must-have makeup brushes. They’re workhorses. however there’s one more poor gal, the MAC 221, as well as it’s… Oh! when you get a taste of this blending beauty, nothing else compares. It’s my preferred MAC eye clean of all time!

Mi az a fel nem nyult sminkhős? Számomra ez egy általában alulértékelt smink Morsel, egy hosszú távú gyűjtőtermék, amely sok smink-rajongó radarképernyője alatt rohant, de rutinszerűen sziklázza a világomat. A hosszú távú, Unsung Heroes sorozat néhány kedvencem.

The 221, otherwise understood as “the mini Tapered Blending Brush,” is $25 as well as part of the MAC long-term line.


It looks a bit like a cross between the 224 Tapered Blending clean as well as the 217 Tapered Blending Brush. The clean head has the exact same tapered, lengthened shape of the 224, however it’s thinner, as well as the tip has the domed shape of the 217, only pointier. Essentially, you get the very best of both worlds with it. It’s thinner as well as pointier than the typical crease blending brush.

So what does this mean for you? Well, if you don’t have a great deal of lid area from your lash line to your brow bone, like, if you have smaller eyes, or a crease (like mine) that isn’t extremely deep, as is the situation with hooded eyes, you most likely have to be extremely precise when you location your crease color, as well as the 221 enables you to location shadows precisely where you want them.

Because the clean head is likewise relatively fluffy, you won’t end up with areas on your lids where the shadow is dark as well as excessively concentrated — which is a issue I have when I utilize precision brushes, like pencil brushes, to work in the crease or the outer V.


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

And did I mention that it blends as well as buffs edges with preternatural quite power?

The 221 is likewise fantastic for applying as well as smudging eyeshadow as well as liner along the lower lash line. most brushes scratch at my lower lash line, however the 221 is softer than a Ragdoll kitty’s paw. The thin tip likewise means that I most likely won’t take my shadow or liner as well far down.

How ’bout utilizing it to highlight the inner corner? Yeah, it’s bomb for that. I like the 221 more than typical pencil brushes for highlighting the inner corners because, even though pencil brushes are super precise, they’re likewise super dense, so if I’m utilizing them with a shiny shadow, you can see that inner corner highlight from all the method up at the worldwide area Station. The 221, however, puts down sheerer shimmer than a pencil clean does, as well as the resulting spotlight is softer.

The 221 is a natural fiber brush, so it’s especially fabulous for working with powder products. however it likewise handles creams like the MAC paint Pots well, too.

It’s a terrific tool, as well as I adore it.

Minden fáj…

I was doing squats yesterday in HIIT class when I glanced over in the mirror as well as saw some dude in the back using this shirt. I started cracking up! I almost dropped a weight on my toe.

Basically, this shirt is exactly how I feel when I exercise, in general.


A barátságos közösségi szépségfüggő,


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