Blogmas 2016: Chit chat Tuesday – Do You Regift?

I haven’t done a Chit chat Tuesday in ages as well as I miss them!

Today’s chat is a quick one: What are your thoughts on the method of regifting?

Personally, I’m not against it. If a gift you got isn’t something you’d use, why not pass it onto somebody else who might?  I’ve regifted particularly food / alcoholic products that we just get as well much of – they’re generic sufficient that they won’t raise red flags. as well as conversely, I’m specific that I’ve got provides that were regifts. I didn’t mind because I was able to utilize the products that I received. Isn’t it the believed that counts?

Here’s a quick listing of what I feel is regiftable:

• Box of chocolates / cookies
• red wine or alcohol of any type of sort
• Unused bath & body care products (hand cream, shower gel – those gift sets that your aunt grabbed at the Body Shop)
• Generic vase / bowl / tea set / crystal figurines

These are NOT regiftable:

• underclothing / socks
• garments of any type of kind (unless you donate it to a charity)
• Jewellery
• Books
• household heirloom / antique items
• customized items: engraved box with your name on it, embroidered monogram handkerchief
• handcrafted items: the gifter knitted / crocheted / découpaged the present with their own two hands! just stuff the gift in the back of your wardrobe for the next 20 years or up until the gifter passes away, whichever is first…

Of course, the technique is to regift to a different social circle (family, friends, work) than the one in which the gift originally came from!

What are your thoughts on regifting? have you ever regifted, or suspected that somebody provided YOU a regifted present? noise off in the comments!

Last year’s Blogmas publish was about my holiday BBW Wallflowers

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