Sundays With Tabs the Cat, makeup as well as appeal blog Mascot, Vol. 352

upgrade your summertime fun with a-meow-zing clothes as well as accessories that speak to your feline woman soul. right here are some primo cat-themed contenders hand-picked by moi as well as authorized by Tabs.

Know an Eccentric or two swimwear top ($49.99) as well as bottom ($39.99)

Because you’ve always dreamed of using a two-piece swimwear with kitties as well as cupcakes floating in space. top as well as bottom offered now at


Velvet Sphynx right here Kitty Kitty top ($90) as well as bottom ($90)

Kitty eyes are enjoying mew! top as well as bottom offered now at

Velvet Sphynx On the Prowl top ($60) as well as bottom ($58)

For discerning feline women who prowl at the pool. top as well as bottom offered now at

Velvet Sphynx Brian jersey ($78)

Keep awesome while letting the world understand that you’re on #teamcat! offered now at


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

Velvet Sphynx Wild Ones top ($80) as well as bottom ($88)

Oh, she’s a wild one, that feline lady! top as well as bottom offered now at

Astronomy Oh My swimwear top ($30.99) as well as bottom ($27.99)

Wait — I’m getting a vision. I see floofy kitties as well as quick food in your future… top as well as bottom offered now on

Forever 21 get Cray muscle mass Tee ($8.99)

Cool off while getting cray with this tee. offered now at permanently 21.

ASOS Princess feline crop tee shirts ($14.50)

Every tabby is royalty, obvs. offered now at

Pizza Pie in the sky top ($24.99)

This is what you get when you integrate two of the world’s finest things. offered now at

Chalk of the town gown in kitties ($59.99)

You’ll be the talk of the town in this dress. offered now at

Look at Mew! gown ($32.99)

All eyes will be on mew when you’re tooling about town in this teasing feline frock. offered now at

Kitten away from everything top ($24.99)

I’d like a pocket kitten to go, please. offered now at

Karen walker feline carry ($57)

Don’t fail to remember to pack the sunscreen as well as feline treats! offered now at

Straw Hat With feline Ears ($19.99)

Add sass to any type of summertime attire with this straw hat (complete with feline ears). offered now at

Volcom native Tracks print Board Shorts ($42)

Vigyázz, kész, szörf! let everybody in the lineup understand that you’re a feline woman with these leopard-print board shorts. offered now at

All things magnificent Landscape print Track Shorts ($66.33)

Summertime is for short shorts with huge cats on ’em. It’s a widely known fact. offered now at

Free people extreme Crossover Leopard print Shorts ($46.80)

There’s no question about it. Leopard print is always a do. offered now at

Aah! — that Let’s get Cray muscle mass Tee?



Methinks it would be cray to not get that shirt.

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