The metropolitan Decay small naked warm combination

just a bit heat…
Hé csajszi. Yeah, what am I using on my lids? I’m using new metropolitan Decay naked small Heat, which I keep wanting to phone call “Peh-TEE Heat.”

It’s just a bit bit of heat… get it? Petite? like adding one or two drops of Tabasco or Sriracha, rather than submerging your burrito? Lol.


Urban Decay is popular for their O.G. naked Eyeshadow combination as well as the different incarnations of it, like Naked2, naked Smoky, naked utmost Basics…lots of nakedness, as you know. There’s likewise the one they introduced last fall, naked Heat, with its gorgeous bevvy of warm orange as well as reddish browns, which are incredibly stylish colors in eye makeup ideal now as well as for the past couple of years.

Chances are, if you’re a UD collector, or even if you aren’t, you may already have something like small naked warm in your stock now.

In fact, as I believe about it…the Kristen Leanne Daydream combination UD released in January has similar tones…


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

My point is just that orange-y browns are (still) having a moment, as well as you’ve extremely likely seen lots of of these colors in other palettes as well as pans before.

Just off the top of my head, Vibrate appears like MAC Soft Brown, hot Spell like MAC Saddle, Wild Thing’s a bit like MAC Texture, as well as Strike appears like MAC Swiss Chocolate.

The MAC Mischief Minx combination as well as NARS desired aren’t precisely totally different either.

Wearing small warm on my lids with MAC style blush on my cheeks, as well as MAC velvet Teddy as well as Fenty Gloss Bomb on my lips.
For $29 you get six new matte powder eyeshadow shades based in some type or fashion on the colors in the original naked warm palette, as well as the pans, by the way, are the exact same size as the pans in the larger naked palettes.

Inhale, Vibrate, hot Spell, Wild Thing, Heist as well as Strike

They’re “good” mattes, too, in that they aren’t going to difficulty you to makeup chess…which is to state that they aren’t difficult to use. They aren’t difficult to blend or chalky, as well as don’t apply unevenly.

They’re really extremely versatile as well as flexible as shift shades, or liner, or for contouring your crease if you don’t have a deep one (*raises hand*). Or, you can inject some range into your shimmers by mixing them.

Straight up, you can utilize them in a multitude of methods since they’re drama-free, as well as I’m likewise referring to fallout, since there isn’t any!

I’m using naked small warm with MAC Costa Riche liner as a base.
As for blending, they do it smoothly on top of different eyeshadow bases, too. (Try ’em with the MAC paint Pots sometime!) Coral tones as well as peachy tones, like Layin’ low as well as Perky, both complement these shades well, although I would suggest that if you’re layering cream shadows under the these shadows, you utilize the thinnest layer you can get away with, since they do begin to look thick if you enthusiastically over-apply them.

With the original naked warm for scale…
The shadows are rather pigmented as well, however they aren’t excessively pigmented. I can still quickly manage exactly how much color ends up on my lid as well as where it goes, as well as that’s good, since I don’t understand about you, however I like to apply my shadow with reckless abandon, then do a bit whisking right here as well as there with my blending clean before immediately moving on with my life. as well as you can absolutely do that with this palette.

Final word? great quality, as well as I extremely suggest it, however eval your eyeshadow stock first, since you may have some (or most) of these colors in your collection already.


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P.S. TGIF!!!!

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