Omnipotent Oils

I’ve embraced utilizing oils for just about every part of my body – from head to toe – for some years now. Az egész arganolaj-dühöt megelőzően olajok módszert alkalmaztam, hadd mondjam el ya! Before argan oil was easily availalbe, I was routinely utilizing rosehip oil on my deal with (I still mourn the discontinuation of Burt’s Bee repair work Serum in Canada).

So what do I utilize oils for?

Nearly made with my Clarins oil! however do not fear, I have a back up.
Cleansing – present favourite: incredibly Facialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil ($13 for 200ml, Winners) has a thicker consistency with sunflower seed oil as the base however rinses cleanly.  Other cleansing oil favourites include MAC Cleanse Off Oil ($37 for 200ml), Origins clean energy gentle Cleansing Oil ($35 USD for 200ml) as well as Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil (~$17 for 230ml,

Hydrating – Creation’s garden 100% argan oil ($20 for 120ml, Rexall).  I decant this into the Josie Maran argan oil dropper bottle for simplicity of use.  Don’t pay the crazy mark-ups for the Josie Maran stuff – it’s just ordinary ol’ organic argan oil, the exact same as what they offer at the health and wellness food stores.

Clarifying – Clarins Lotus deal with treatment Oil ($53 for 30ml) – seems crazy however I put this on my t-zone at night to assist battle excess sebum – it works! The base is hazelnut oil – I luurve the odor of this – like a spa!

Hair & Scalp:
Calming dry itchy scalp – Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (multipurpose dry oil) – ($26 for 50ml, drugstores), with macadamia oil as the crucial ingredient, I published about this in my wintertime scalp rescue post.

Taming fly-aways as well as adding radiate – Dashima Hair care hot styling Finish ($25 for 265ml, Korean hair beauty parlor / online), has grapeseed oil in it, this was shown in my wintertime hair rescue entry.

Moisturizing: Body shop Beautifying Oils ($15 for 100ml, Body Shop) consist of marula oil.  I have 3: Shea, Brazil Nut, as well as Chocomania.  I’m currently utilizing the Shea – Brazil Nut will be next – I can’t wait to utilize the Chocomania as well as walk around smelling like a chocolate bar. [side note: my spell inspect tried to right the word “Chocomania” to “Nymphomaniac”… whut da whut?]

Cuticles: Anna Sui nail Treatment Oil ($15 for 8ml, The Bay), as well as Haken important fragrance Cuticle Oil in Cranberry ($7 at Sally appeal Supply).  How adorable is the Anna Sui oil?  It’s a tri-phasic fluid that needs to be shaken up prior to use.

I’m thinking about adding coconut oil in my appeal routine as I’ve been reading about its lots of benefits particularly for the hair.

Do you utilize oils in your appeal routine?  Any oils you would recommend?

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