OPI Cosmo with a twist

I was reminded about this nail polish when I saw Rachael of HelplessWhistDrying publish about OPI Russian Navy since I’ve seen comparisons between OPI Russian Navy, OPI Ink, as well as OPI Cosmo with a Twist.

I’d state Cosmo with a twist is like a lovechild of Russian Navy (navy) as well as Ink (more purple) – it appears as both purple as well as navy with a large dose of shimmer.  This colour was released as part of the OPI Starlight collection for holiday 2015.

In the bottle, it is full of multi-faceted shimmer:

It truly does look like the cosmos when you gaze intently into the bottle…

I would explain this colour has a royal purple base with blue as well as purple flecked shimmer.

I discovered the formula to be a bit on the goopy side.

I packed my clean with as well much polish on my middle finger on the very first coat. My sound finger is a lot more representative of exactly how this polish looks with one thin coat.  It’s absolutely not a one-coater.

Once again, it’s one of those polishes that look exponentially a lot more fascinating in the bottle than on the nails.  It does shift from being a broody navy colour to a glimmering purple depending upon the light – I tried to catch the colour in different lighting:

Early morning sun.
Midday sun.
I had to take a macro shot to truly catch exactly how the shimmer looks:

Cosmo with a twist lasted amazingly well, I only experienced a small chip on left middle finger (which only occurred on Day 7) as well as minor idea wear overall.

Removal of the polish needed a bit a lot more effort because of the shimmer, however nothing like a full on shine polish.

Today’s random item is my cherished owl letter opener:

It was an impulse purchase as well as I don’t regret it at all! It has a large weight to it as well as I feel so official when I open my letters with it.

Do people even utilize letter openers any type of more? I have an aversion to tearing open letters with fingers or secrets or scissors or anything not created to open letters. What are we, barbarians?

I don’t wear these kinds of colour that commonly however I feel like deep colours like Cosmo with a twist bring immediate trendy to the nails. What is your insta-chic nail polish?

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