Mizon Snail healing Gel cream

I lastly cracked open my tube of Mizon Snail healing Gel Cream.  I’ve been itching to try this considering that buying it late last year, however wished to wait up until I completed my other serums first. Last month’s skincare empties paved the method for me to lastly provide this unusual product a go:

I bought this on eBay from a Korean seller as well as it expense me $8 for the 45g tube.

The tube includes safety features – first, a hologram sticker to make sure authenticity:

Inside the box is a common tube:

Which is sealed for one more layer of security:

It consist of 74% snail filtrate.  Just what IS snail filtrate?  It’s a nicer sounding name for snail slime, aka MUCUS.  From Wikipedia:

The foot mucus of a gastropod has a few of the high qualities of a glue as well as a few of the high qualities of a lubricant, enabling land snails to crawl up vertical surfaces without falling off.

Snail filtrate is mainly water with proteins as well as antioxidants.  It purports to promote formation of collagen to assist repair work the skin, in addition to anti-aging properties.  This is my very first time utilizing any type of skincare consisting of snail filtrate…

It’s a lightweight gel that’s not slimy as one may expect.  But I did discover that it left a somewhat tacky feeling to my deal with after application.  It’s odourless (what do snails odor like, anyway?) as well as colour / paraben free.  This gel likewise contains hyaluronic acid which is a crucial component I look for in hydrating serums.  This product phone calls itself a gel cream however I don’t discover it creamy at all – it’s finest referred to as a silicone-y gel.  I utilized it the exact same method I would utilize any type of serum: used after toner as well as before moisturizer.

Here’s the thing, I’ve been utilizing this on as well as off for the past 6 weeks however I waited to publish a evaluation on it since I just did not understand exactly how I felt about it!  Does that ever occur to you?  I didn’t understand exactly how it was benefiting my skin, if at all. It felt great on the skin, however I saw no obvious difference, either positive or negative.  My skin condition was in great shape when I started utilizing the Snail healing Gel.  But then a couple of week ago, I experienced a break out (which I narrowed down to a BB cream I started using on a everyday basis – Missha best Cover BB Cream, as well as I suspect the offending components were either Macadamia Ternifolia or Simmondsia Chinensis [Jojoba] Seed Oils). Anyway, I utilized my reliable BHA and Benzoyl Peroxide to battle the break out, as well as while they were efficient in ridding the blemishes, my skin got irritated, dry, as well as flaky.  Enter Mizon Mizon Snail healing Gel Cream.  It assisted to calm my skin as well as keep it hydrated, without exacerbating the existing blemishes.  Overall, I believe this is a great product however I’m not sure if I requirement everything the time – not sure if I would repurchase.  7/10

Another note: the date stamped on the box indicates its manufacture date, not the expiry date. I’ve discovered that lots of Korean as well as Japanese cosmetics suggest the manufacture rather than expiry date which I prefer.  I can do my own math of when I believe a product will expire.

Have you tried any type of skincare consisting of snail filtrate?

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