Some thoughts on makeup and Life

You guys. So, it occurred to me the other day when I did the same look for the umpteen millionth time with lashes, liner and a nude lip that I might be in a makeup rut.

Like a severe makeup rut!


And I think I need help.

So, where do you go when you need help? You ask your girlfriends, of course.

Here’s the deal. I just… ideal before I had the baby, I was sooo worn out all the time. I wasn’t wearing a lot of makeup at all. Then, after I had the baby, it got even worse, because then I didn’t have any energy or time to put on makeup.


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But Connor is four months old now, and I’m ready to get back into my groove and my regular life again, but I’ve gotten used to only putting in the tiniest amount of effort, and things like doing a full-on smokey eye are very daunting.

I haven’t worn a lot of makeup in five or six months, which is a long time for me. I just really haven’t been taking care of myself in that way for a while.

I’m guessing that this is something a lot of women go through? I don’t know… I’ve spoke to pals about it, about getting into certain routines with your look of like, I dunno, wearing your hair or doing your makeup the same way for weeks or months, and I’m absolutely in that monkey house.

I’m trying though. The other day I laid out a whole bunch of eye products and took pictures of them, because not only am I kind of out of practice when it pertains to putting on my makeup (I think I’ve lost a little bit of the muscle memory?), I also haven’t spent a lot of time in front of my camera.

So I was looking in any way of these stunning colors and finishes and the different formulas — the creams, powders and whatnot — on the table in front of me and started thinking, “What if I layer this shade with that one?” and “What if I blend these two things together?”

I thought it was a eureka moment!

I felt like I finally figured something out, but the next day when I sat down to do my makeup, I went ideal back to — you guessed it! — lashes, liner and a nude lip.

The thing is, I really do miss doing a lot more with my makeup. Akarok. I’m just stuck or something.

And maybe this is also a metaphor for my life in some ways. Not to sound too corny, but there are things I want to do and so lots of paths I want to explore, but at this point in my life, I’ve gotten accustomed to the patterns of my day and living those same patterns day in , szabadnap. It’s gotten harder and harder to push myself in new directions.

I mean, yeah, things have absolutely changed a lot considering that the baby came along, but still, it’s different from when I was in my teens, twenties and early thirties, when, seriously, it felt like something was always happening to get me out of my comfort zone. now it’s been so long considering that I’ve pushed myself that way that I don’t know how it feels anymore.


Anywho…thank you for listening to this long, rambling, whining thing, friend. If you have any recommendations about makeup, life or whatever, I’d love to hear from you.

A barátságos környéki fellebbezési addict,


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