What’s Your basic Skin Care/Skin Prep/Makeup Process? Here’s Mine…

What’s your basic skin care/skin prep/makeup process? Here’s mine…

1. Hydrating mist all over my face

MAC Fix+ ($22) has been my long-time and still current jam. I practically always have a bottle with me, and I even bring one of these travel-sized one with me on trips.


But I’m eager to try Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herb and Rosewater. It’s only $7, so a third the price of Fix+, and my pal Kwmechelle (hey gurl, haaaaay!) swears by it. best now it’s at the top of my never-ending list of things to get next time I check out Ulta.

2. face cream (with a separate eye cream around my eyes)

Because I don’t typically start doing my makeup best after I wash my face and do my morning skin care, I typically take a few minutes to moisturize once much more before putting on le face paint. I’ve been using Embroyolisse, which is available online at Sephora for $28, for my face and MAC fast reaction Eye cream ($31) for my eyes.

3. Primer

I use one primer for my face — currently make up For ever step 1 Smoothing primer ($36) — and a separate primer for my lids, and you can probably guess which one that is! Yes, it’s NARS Pro-Longwear Smudge-Proof ($25).


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

As for under my eyes, I rarely apply primer under my eyes, but I know it’s a step that a lot of people do.

4. color correcting around my face (if necessary)

I have a few spots of darker pigment around my left eye and the left side of my lip, which I in some cases color appropriate with either an orange primer ($36 make up For ever step 1 Skin Equalizer Radiant primer Peach) or an orange concealer (The Burnt Coral side of $25 MAC studio conceal and appropriate Duo in rich Yellow/Burnt Coral).

*sigh!* It really does take a village…

5. foundation or tinted moisturizer

Which one I use depends on what I’ll be doing that day and how my skin’s behaving, like whether it’s been much more oily lately, or dry, or if there’s a pimple par-tay on my chin, but many of the time, if I have the time, I’ll use some kind of medium- or full-coverage serum foundation.

You probably already know this, but I really like Diorskin nude Air in 40 Dore ($53) for full coverage, and now I’m also liking MAC studio Waterweight in NC 42 ($33) for medium coverage.

Or, if time is of the essence and I barely have five minutes to go from zombie Karen to full-blooded, real-life Karen, I’ll wear a tinted moisturizer like Chanel Les Beiges All-In-One healthy glow fluid SPF 15 in 40 ($45) instead.

6. color correcting under my eyes (if necessary)

Dark circles…I will not have thee!

This is where I’ll in some cases bust out the orange color corrector again, typically Trish McEvoy instant Eye lift in shade 2 ($38) or the Burnt Coral side of MAC studio conceal and appropriate Duo in rich Yellow/Burt Coral ($25), this time to cancel out any blue or purple under my eyes.

7. Under-eye concealer

Never leave home without it! That’s what I always say…

There are a whole bunch I like and use, but the one I get probably much more than any other is NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Biscuit ($29). Lately I’ve been alternating it with two new concealers I’ve been testing, Sephora’s bright Future Gel Serum in 10 Eclair ($14) and bareMinerals Bareskin Serum Concealer in medium ($20).

8. Eyes

A legjobb rész.

9. Lips

I typically do my lips before blush and bronzer because I think that seeing the color on my lips makes it simpler to gauge how much color I ought to put on my cheeks.

10. Powder

Powder-wise, I’ve been loving MAC Mineralize Skinfinish natural in medium Tan ($32) and Chanel’s loose Powder in 40 Dore ($52).

11. Cheeks

Aaaand, this is typically my last step.

If I plan to do a dark smoky eye (smo-kaaaay!) or another look where I know that fallout is bound to happen, I’ll do my eye makeup best after priming, before color correcting and foundation, so I can clean up the fallout if I need to without messing up my face makeup.

Please indulge my curious kitty tendencies, my friend, and share your process in the comments! What’s your basic rigamarole?


A barátságos környéke Charmfüggő,


P.S. So this morning I drove El Hub to his oral surgery appointment because he had to get his wisdom teeth removed, and guess who struck crazy cat lady GOLD in the waiting room.

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